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Windninja automatic METAR tool

Wind-watching monitoring tool based on METAR observation and WindNinja (free down scale model tool). This is a tool for monitoring weather in pointed regions if near METAR is available on web (local airport) exists and process wind down scale.

20140711 Wind-watching v1.2 "Watch one region for free"

20140625 Wind-watching v1.1 monitoring tool is official.
If You have a airport near You or near some other region of interest You can easily monitor the wind combine our "Wind-watching" and "Windninja" tool to obtain more denser results for wind direction and speed (on every 100 or 200 meters).
With "Windar" You can:
- create useful formatted monitoring wind result on every new published METAR observation on web;
- use historical METAR weather data in the same manner;
- run the same process for more than one region (near 25 x x25 km.) till the range of whole country.

When You run our "Wind-watching" (or our "Windar") manually or trough scheduler You will need to wait less then 10 seconds per region down scale wind data.

Today (Jun 2014), we have on our server scheduled Wind-watching to monitor mind for wind  for 12 regions on every 1 hour.

Our application "Windar" have two-steps registration process and buying Windar you will have rights to install registered application up to 2 PC-s and process data for as much regions as You have prepared.

For more information ask
Boris and
The Artfloo team

€ 19.00


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Android, warnings manager


Created by Boris

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We create everything for our "LifeDiver" CD

30 November -0001
We create everything for our "LifeDiver" CD

IMAGERY (index.php/imagery)! Inspired by everyday life the eBook with poems is born. After the book "Love on discount (index.php/products/products/22-ntertaining/88-ljubav-na-rasprodaji-rs-artfloo-sekirarski-boris/104)" (available only on Serbian language in this moment), we create 3D posters...

Alarmeroid, meteo alarms for Android

22 January 2013
Alarmeroid, meteo alarms for Android

AlarmeroidPro is a small Android browser for weather alarms. AlarmeroidPro (or Alarmeroid standard and free on Google play) is capable of showing, in a just few clicks, weather alarms published on...


New mp3 music CD


New mp3 CD material is out. Original sound derived from the eBook "Love on discount" (still on Serbian language only!), and their dedicated images in IMAGERY.

CD Life, DEMO songs

Life, Cobblestone
Life, No passaran
Life, Life
Life, Rolling away

Album mp3-s 'LifeDiver'


Again new mp3 CD material is out. This album is nammed 'LifeDiver' contain 11 songs of algorithmic music based on 3D images inspired by songs from the eBook "Love on discount" (still on Serbian language only!), and their dedicated images in IMAGERY.



IHF-Scoreboard volleyball software

Created by Boris

Wind downscale tool

Buy Windar - wind downscale tool.

Created by Boris


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  • August 2013, "Love on discount" by Boris S.
LjubavNaRsprodajiSR ArtflooPoetry:
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when it another fire touches?... ("Five sides of the World")

Alarmeroid features

1. Select by warning types
12 warning types available in this moment in Pro version.
2. Select by list
Warnings for 34 countries with basic information on 28 languages.
3. Select by map.
Just a touch on the appropriate flag from a map.

And next...

  • July 2013, "Test of sin" by Milanka M.
MilankaM.Story book: "...As he sowed seeds of fear on my street, mother, tiny and gray like a sparrow, threw hideous words of curse from the other side of the fence: "You desolated my home and instilled fear into the souls of my children. May God devastate your health and your every joy. May he whip everything that is left in your stead with disease and madness and may your mad grandchildren wander about your roof instead of pigeons."

...Sometimes, on rainy nights, his grandchildren's horrible screams echo through my street. Ridden with disease, they wander about what is left of the crooked roof. Instead of pigeons..." ("The curse of my street")

 New eBook from our STORE. Part of the edition: "How to trough the arts".

How To Write Book Of Poetry

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